More Summer in Sarasota – Early Morning Bicycle Ride

Biking on the Legacy Trail

Early Morning Bicycle Ride on The Legacy Trail

Summer in Sarasota also means the best time to get outside is early morning. We were able to do that this morning with a beautiful bike ride. One of our choice places to ride is on the Legacy Trail. The trail is getting a lot of use and it is a wonderful place to enjoy nature while walking, rollerblading, or bicycling.

The Legacy Trail has a lovely canopy in many places and the trail goes right through the middle of Oscar Scherer State Park which is very lush. The trail itself is one of those trails in the Rails to Trails system that was built where the railroad tracks used to run. In fact one of the old trestle bridges was left in place adjacent to a newly constructed pedestrian bridge. The trail is more than 10 miles long, running from Sarasota to Venice. There are 15 rest stations to stop, relax, and learn about the trail’s history. There are 7 trailheads which offer access points and free parking.

The Legacy Trail links to the Venetian Waterway Park (VWP) at the historic Venice Train Depot at the Venice Avenue Bridge, where trail users can continue south on VWP mainland trail to the Shamrock Park Nature Center or cross the Intercoastal Waterway to the VWP island-side trail and south to Caspersen Beach and Park. It is about 15 miles from the trail’s beginning point near Sawyers Loop Rd. in Sarasota to either of the southern trailheads at Caspersen Beach or Shamrock Park. Check back for more things to do in the Sarasota area.

View from The Legacy Trail

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