Do you know someone struggling to get a loan?

house_keysA new path to home ownership.

The housing market has been through some tough times and our market has improved greatly. However there are still people who want to buy a home yet they have had recent short sales or other situations that make it difficult to get a loan. There is a new exciting program that may help! We help you get approved, and we help you select the home you are interested in. The next step is that the home gets purchased and leased to you until you are ready to buy it. The purchase price is pre-determined and you have up to 5 years to purchase it at anytime.

A few of the more important benefits are that you get to choose your home, you get to live in it, you have the option of buying it or not buying it and you know what the price will be ahead of time. This plan is useful for first-time homebuyers, people relocating to a new market, or households that cannot currently obtain a mortgage. There are certain restrictions so call us for details and we will do our best to help you. You could be in your new home in 45-60 days.

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